Tosuma (tō•soo•măh), n.
Proper name of technology company that helps growing businesses make sense of technology.
syn. professional; quality.

In today's economy small to medium sized businesses are vital to the health of our society. They drive the local and regional economies. This raises the question: Why haven't small businesses been given the same treatment and services large companies have?

Have no fear small business owner, Tosuma Inc. wants to help. Specializing in helping small business in the San Antonio and surrounding areas make sense of technology and assist in the implementation of it.

No longer do the "little guys" have to look or act like a little guy. Technology evens the playing field - especially on the Internet where your online presence is as good as you want it to be.

Your business CAN COMPETE when you have the knowledge and determination to do so. View the Technology Roadmap to assist you in making informed technology decisions.

Market Specialization

  • Construction & General Contractors
  • Public Libraries
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Medical & Dental
  • Accounting Firms
  • Services 

If you don't see your business area in this list, don't worry, we're not excluding you! We just haven't had a chance to work with you yet. Contact us to setup an appointment to come by and see how we can help.