Free Evaluation

Yes, it's true - A FREE systems evaluation intended to help you find any areas in your computer systems that may need some attention.

The free evaluation has absolutely no strings attached. Why would we want to help someone for free? Simple! Just to get to know you. When small business owners get to know someone and feel comfortable with them, interaction is easier. Our personal attention and assistance has been the hallmark of our success.

What we do when we come by

When one of our consultants visits your office or place of business for the free systems evaluation, we will:

  • Take as long as you have time to show us around your computer systems and talk to us, sharing what issues and challenges you've faced as a business owner or manager.
  • Offer suggestions for improving systems covering topics such as:
    • Computer Hardware and Upgrades
    • Backup Systems and Strategies
    • Anti-virus Protection and Best Practices
    • Software Implementation and Efficiency
    • Database vs. Spreadsheet Issues
    • Internet Connectivity
    • Website Solutions
    • General Equipment and Service Costs
  • Validate existing conditions
  • Take any technical questions or issues during that visit and do our best to try and help.

Whether or not you use us to implement the suggestions presented is up to you. Like we said, no strings attached! What we find is that when one of our consultants offers good advice in an evaluation, our value is realized and is asked for again. We're so confident in our consultants abilities and common sense approach to helping small businesses, the time taken is an easy investment.

Our rates are fair, our people are honest, our customers are satisfied. What more could you want?