Systems Support

Supporting small business computer systems means more than just fixing computers. It means preventing problems, being available for questions and taking the time to get to know operational needs.

We do more than just install hardware or fix problems, we are proactive about warning of possible problems that can effect your bottom line.

You've heard the horror stories about viruses wiping out entire systems. The scary thing is they're true, and they can happen to anyone. Our experience with combating viruses and malicious software is your safety net when facing these threats.

If you have insurance for possible liabilities or health problems, why wouldn't you think of proper computer systems support in the same way? Helping businesses ensure proper systems operation is how we've built our reputation.

We serve in various capacities for our clients. Some clients just consult with us when making decisions. Some outsource their entire IT department to us. Usually we fall somewhere in between supporting our clients with as-needed service calls to service contracts for guaranteed support.

Contact us today for some suggestions on how to keep your business productive through proper systems support.

Systems Support & Service: Rate Guide
Service Rate
General Computer Service $95
This rate qualifies if work done is primarily server-based and affects all users. Also applies in emergency server-down situations.
Trip Charge - Time taken to travel to office location (1 way) $95
Warranty Work - Work done as a result of our error No Charge
All service items are billed hourly in quarter hour increments unless noted otherwise.
Service Packages Rate
Workstation Operating System Reinstall $150
System Performance Tuning
  • Windows Updates
  • Unnecessary Software Uninstall
  • Adware / Spyware Removal
  • Startup Program Analysis
  • Recommendation for Hardware Upgrade
  • Windows Interface Acceleration Settings
  • Temporary File Cleanup
  • Temporary Internet File Caching Settings
  • Hard Drive Defragmentation (if necessary)
These rates subject to change without notice.